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Britain’s most famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper , was artist Walter Sickert, according to crime writer Patricia Cornwell. Cornwell, 60, has claimed she has new evidence to prove the identity of the killer after her original accusations against Sickert in her 2002 book, Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper – Case Closed, drew […]

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Crime novelist Patricia Cornwell has reiterated to Sky News her claim to know the true identity of Jack the Ripper. The best-selling author has long had a fascination with the notorious Victorian killer and has spent over 11 years researching her theory that Jack the Ripper was a painter, publishing her findings in a book. […]

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Five years ago I happened to be looking at a crime scene photo of Jack the Ripper victim Mary Kelly. She’s erroneously believed to be his fifth and final victim. But more likely she was his seventh or eighth by early November 1888 and unfortunately wouldn’t be his last. I had looked at this particular […]

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When Patricia Cornwell stepped away from her terrific Kay Scarpetta series in 2002 to pen PORTRAIT OF A KILLER: Jack the Ripper – Case Closed, she did not mince words as to her conclusion. In fact, the term “case closed” is sort of the literary equivalent of saying “end of discussion.” More

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Patricia Cornwell is known to millions of readers as the award-winning and bestselling author of the Kay Scarpetta series. In 2001, she was pulled into a real-life investigation of her own—the long-unsolved “Jack the Ripper” murders that appalled and fascinated London in the late 1800s. Applying old-fashioned as well as modern forensic techniques to a […]

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Crime writer Patricia Cornwell is preparing to release her second book detailing “proof” of the identity of London’s most famous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. More

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In 1903, Frederick Abberline, a retired crack detective who had been in chargeof the Ripper investigation at the ground level stated that he thought thatmultiple wife poisoner Severin Klosowski, alias George Chapman, might be Jackthe Ripper. As with Macnaghten, no other officer has concurred with hisopinion and modern criminal profiling science tends to reject Klosowski as aserious candidate.

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When Patricia Cornwell first named the artist Walter Sickert as Jack the Ripper, she sparked outrage from art historians and Ripperologists. More