James Baldwin, the author of this work is African American himself.

The tone is, such as in the last paragraph with the repetition, or paragraph 11 with it's strong words, somewhat aggressive and persuasive.
A Talk to Teachers
Haris Bhatti, Acacia Coronado, McKenzie Powell
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James Baldwin
one of most influential figures in American literature
sharp social critic of race relations and sexual identity
1940's, mostly lived in Turkey and France, returned to US (at times) to lecture and participate in the civil rights movement
Some of his novels:
Go Tell It on the Mountain, Giovanni's Room, If Beale Street Could Talk, and Just Above My Head
Also wrote poetry and plays
Baldwin goes on to say about how the purpose black men were brought to North America was to be "as a source of cheap labor." Baldwin's point of view is that white men had brainwashed themselves into believing that black men are animals; they were born to be treated like this.

The author, James Baldwin, paints views on racism, misery and art and suffering in this story.

Collection of teaching resources focused on James Baldwin including a lesson plan and a crossword puzzle designed to accompany the C-Span American Writers episode about Baldwin. Source: C-Span

None of these basic teachings supported James Baldwin’s perceptions.

James Baldwin is a renowned author for bringing his experience to literature.

Mid-length essay exam for summative assessment of comprehension and analysis of plot, theme, and characterization in James Baldwin's novel If Beale Street Could Talk.

James Baldwin: A Talk to Teachers Analysis

She continues to say "I would teach him" and similar statements at the beginning of her paragraphs, as well as repeat the structure when talking about what history is and what the present and future are.

James Baldwin, in "A Talk to Teachers…

This teacher workshop on using multicultural literature in the classroom focuses on inquiry and uses the works of James Baldwin and Ruldolfo Anaya. You find the full video workshop as well as lesson plans, biographies of the authors, a guide to the workshop, and an interactive forum where you can explore two poems using four approaches. Source: Annenburg Media

A Talk to Teachers by James Baldwin - For those who …

In numerous essays, novels, plays, and public speeches, the eloquent voice of James Baldwin spoke of the pain and struggle of black Americans and the saving power of brotherhood for equality for African Americans.

James Baldwin was a black civil rights leader during the 1960s

Text of Baldwin's "A Talk to Teachers" first published in The Saturday Review, December 21, 1963
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"A Talk to Teachers" James Baldwin - Essay by Jsataraka

James Baldwin relates this struggle to that of blacks in the United States during the same time period, and there are far more similarities than Baldwin mentions.