Question 1. Question on Cultural Relativism and Morality

50), and states more accurately that “we should recognize that there are no universal or general ethical standards, that one's ethical view is relative to one's culture, society, tradition, religion, worldview, or even one's own individual values” (Mosser, 2010, p.

5. The advantage of cultural, moral relativism is that it promotes tolerance.

This paper will discuss prominent positions regarding whether moral judgments may be true and false in an absolute sense or a relative sense, in light of the diverse and intense disagreement in moral judgment.

The Challenge of Cultural Relativism

This, of course, is one of the main points stressed by Cultural Relativism.

Excellent overview of French thought from the Enlightenment onwards on the unity and diversity of the human species and its values. Particularly useful for defining key terms, including ethnocentrism, humanism, scientism, cultural relativism, universalism, and exoticism. Shows how ethnocentrism underpins certain forms of both universalism and cultural relativism. The author also offers his own theory of a universalism without ethnocentrism.

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Cultural Relativism is a theory about morality focused on the concept that matters of custom and ethics are not universal in nature but rather are culture specific.

James Rachels said about cultural relativism

[Cultural relativists are often very intolerant of those who claim that there are some universal moral truths. Indeed, cultural relativists often smugly content with current moral values, & not open to other values.]

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In what follows, we will try to identify what is correct in Cultural Relativism, but we will also be concerned to expose what is mistaken about it.

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19) Then later, he saysthat we can learn a few good things (from a bad doctrine-- tolerance, humilityand care in examining our own assumptions).I believe that it is clearer to distinguish cultural relativism asa social science method (bringing good things) from ethical relativism(bringing bad things). All of Rachels criticisms are now about ethicalrelativism.Thus, I would recommend that we say: Cultural relativism, yes. Ethical relativism, no.

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However, like all such theories, it may be evaluated by subjecting it to rational analysis; and when we analyze Cultural Relativism we find that it is not so plausible as it first appears to be.

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Gives a critical overview of Boasian cultural relativism, including some of its epistemological, methodological, and ethical impasses. In addition to a historical overview, also argues for a new iteration of cultural relativism that overcomes what Hatch considers its earlier problems.