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Now, for the SOP. This is the rumored essay that holds the most weight on the application. A two paged, double spaced, essay explaining your reasons why JET, why Japan, and how much you will rock Japan’s world on the program. Please, for the love of God, do not spend time talking about your study abroad and how much you missed Japan or about that one time you taught Tarou the English language. This is a job; they’re looking for people who are going to go into that classroom and teach some awesome English while understanding the core values of the JET Program.

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They already know you want to go to Japan. They already have some idea that you might have a small interest in Japan. Just write an essay that talks about your strengths and how these strengths will help you in the JET Program and the program as whole. Of course, include some small blurb about what you hope to gain from the JET Program. Just don’t spend the entire essay talking about how you wanna go to Tokyo Disney and JET is the only program that can facilitate that goal. You will not make it to the interview stage. Trust me.

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