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One of the common beliefs in the three religions is the belief in one God. Christians, Jews and Muslims believe that there is only divine God. They also believe that God is the creator of the universe. The three religions follow the instructions of their respective Holy books. For the Christians, they get instructions from the Bible. The Jews follow the teachings and instructions of the Tanakh, while the Muslims follow the Quran. All the religions have divisions within them. There are many divisions within Christianity. The Islam is mostly divided into the Sunni and the Shiite although there are other smaller divisions. Some of the groups within Judaism include the Hasidic and the conservative Jews. The three religions believe in the existence of other supreme beings. They all believe that angels and demons exist. In all cases, the angels represent good tidings, while the demons are messengers or representatives of evil. All the religions believe in the instructions of prophets. They all agree that the prophets are messengers of God, and that God uses them to reveal His will to humanity. All the religions believe that God gave Moses the law. The three religions believe in life after death, where people will be punished or rewarded according to their life on earth. They believe that there is heaven, where doers of good deeds and followers of religion will spend eternity. They view hell as a place of eternal suffering and condemnation. The three religions believe that signs shall accompany the end times. They also believe that a trumpet will sound to announce judgment on humanity. They believe that the end times will not be peaceful since they will be accompanied with wars.

Judaism Essay: Judaism has faced many challenges and persecutions

Much to the credit of the authors and editor, Judaism and Ecology, has none of the shortcomings often found in such “proceedings” volumes. Each of the essays is deeply thought out and thought-provoking, highly original, and profusely well-documented. The individual authors are masters of their domains. I will not specify any particular chapters because there are so many that are so good. From Kabbalah to Kant, from Midrash to Morality, from Genesis to Global Warming, all are handled in rich, insightful ways. The value of the individual offerings is further enhanced by the overall structure and cohesiveness of the volume thanks to the work of the conference organizers and, especially, Tirosh-Samuelson, the book’s editor.


Ethics & Pro-Social Values in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

There are many ways in which this book can be enjoyed. I would recommend that the serious reader start at the beginning and read it through because there is something to be learned from the broad picture captured in the book. However, if you are the kind who likes to pick and choose, each essay is self-contained and self-justified. Judaism and Ecology is really a treasure-trove of Jewish thought and Jewish scholarship. Read it and enter the world of Jewish learning.