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The focus will be on defining Laurie Anderson as a storyteller, who employs a variety of artistic mediums to enhance her work rather than Laurie Anderson as a multi-media performer. However, the artistic mediums used in Laurie Anderson’s work cannot be ignored because they are relevant to her work as a whole and will be referred to where appropriate.

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Though Heart of a Dog, Laurie Anderson’s poetic essay, is only 75 minutes long, it’s one of the densest features to be seen in Venice this year, both in text subtext.

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Laurie Anderson has the ability and experience to develop her work in myriad directions because of the eclectic nature of her work. It is her intelligent mixture of storytelling, technology and spontaneity that will enable Laurie Anderson to enter the next Century as a leading exponent in the world of contemporary arts. This is the key to Laurie Anderson maintaining her status as a contemporaneous storyteller of the 20th Century and into the 21st Century.

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Varying sources of information were found through different channels which included: the official Laurie Anderson Internet Site ‘Homepage of the Brave’; the Alternative Laurie Anderson Fan Club; journalists that have interviewed Laurie Anderson; and The official Warner Bros. (Laurie Anderson’s record company) Internet Site. These sources provided knowledge and information of Laurie Anderson and were vital secondary sources, which form the basis of this essay.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Essay

The desire to research Laurie Anderson’s work was strengthened due to the originality of her work as opposed to the more traditional work of the singular musician; multi-media theatre maker; dancer or storyteller; which in comparison to Laurie Anderson can appear somewhat restricted. The difficult element of this research is that Laurie Anderson is based in America, making it difficult to obtain a primary source, either through travel or interview. It is on this basis that links and contacts via people known to Laurie Anderson were sought and used within the formulation of this essay.

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Some sources were particularly responsive to the author’s prepared questionnaire on Laurie Anderson and storytelling; A copy of which is attached as Appendix A. Kate Bornstein, an American performance artist, and James Yarker, director of the British theatre group, Stanscafé, were amongst those who responded and are referenced where appropriate. Copies of replies to the questionnaire are attached as Appendix B and C.

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Secondary sources are the main references for this essay and in order to research to the appropriate level, studies of Laurie Anderson’s work since 1972 were evaluated. The research covered a combination of CD discs, interviews, articles, books, biographies, informative fans, artistes, journalists, and secondary source quotes from Laurie Anderson herself.