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Sometimes writers find that beginning an essay with an appropriate quotation is an interesting way to open aliterary discussion. The quotation, of course, should be well chosen. It should be important, pertinent to thesubject of the paper, and well integrated into the rest of the introduction. The usual place for quotations whichserve as evidence for an assertion is in the body of a literary essay, not in the introduction. The type of quotationyou are looking for here is one that will make an interesting, informative, and appropriate opener. Remember thatyou must also explain the quotation and tie to your thesis.

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Sometimes the main point of an essay about literature will involve a term that is not common knowledge or thatis used in a particular sense and, therefore, needs to be explained. The introduction is the perfect place to definevague or unusual terms to insure that the reader and the writer have the same meaning in mind when the writer discussesthe literary work. However, there is no need to explain common literary terms, such as simile, metaphor, setting,character, tone unless you can subtly work this definition into your thesis. As in a standard definition essay,describe what it is, explain the term to show how it differs of other types of its class, and what it is not.

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for an assertion is in the body of a literary essay, not in the introduction.