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And then consider the spoofs. Kylo Ren’s helmet shenanigans recall Spaceballs, and the descending clothes iron quotes Hardware Wars, an early Star Wars parody. Del Toro’s DJ is a carbon-copy of Fred Fenster, his character in The Usual Suspects, who is, if not a parody of Han Solo, at least a parody of the archetype. And then there is Yoda—the hilariously crap Yoda, a real puppet manned by the real Frank Oz, shown off proudly like a camel toe. This isn’t a quotation of a parody, but blatant self-parody. Note that the romantics (Rey, Finn–Rose, Poe, end-of-the-movie Luke, the Resistance) are linked to lavish delusion, and the nihilists (Kylo Ren, Yoda, DJ) to knowing ugliness.

An instrumental lesson between Rey and Luke was left on the cutting room floor.

But, then, what makes Rey different from everyone else? A web of mentor-student dynamics connects all of the movie’s major characters, sometimes unwittingly; the theme here is the failure of the masters and idols. It seems to radiate from the relationship between Kylo and his uncle, Luke, who ages into a tragic hero out of Greek myth in The Last Jedi. In trying to keep history from repeating—from letting another Darth Vader loose on the galaxy—he has brought it back upon himself. This whole sequel trilogy is his fault. Fittingly, he dissipates into the unknown in nirvanic contemplation of his own origins. Framed in front of a sundown that instantly brings to mind the binary sunset of Tatooine—the series’ most lyrical image—he is at once the grizzled Jedi master and the fresh-faced farm boy. What is it that Rey says in The Force Awakens? “I’m no one.”

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I kind of always thought the lightning wasn't a "Sith power" so much as something that Palpatine could do because he's so incredibly fucking evil. But no, the prequels make it clear this is just one of the video game powers you get by embracing the darkside, and they just do it willy nilly all over the place. Apparently you can just absorb it with a lightsaber if you have one handy, or without one if you're Yoda (hint to Luke, don't throw your lightsaber away, it has a +2 against Force Lightning!)