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When Eugene Debs ranas the Socialist Party candidate for president in 1904, he argued that“imperialism and anti-imperialism...mean capitalist rule and wage slavery”(quoted in Philip S.

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In his mature writing life, however,Mark Twain began to lay bare truths about racial oppression with a particularvigor, using a new and democratic literary language that would foreverchange American prose. Mark Twain faced the onset of European and American imperialism at theend of the 19th century with an acute understanding that white racism deniedthe very humanity of people of darker skin.

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Even within the Anti-ImperialistLeague, reaction to Mark Twain’s essay was mixed.

It was founded on the “anti-imperialism” of bourgeois liberal (and somenot so liberal) elements who yearned for a non-imperialist democratic capitalism.

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The essay exposes thedepraved crimes of the Belgian imperialists in Africa; it was publishedas a pamphlet illustrated with photographs of some of the shackled andmutilated Congolese victims of European racist barbarity. Mark Twain struggled against powerful opponents on behalf of humanityand justice, as he understood them.

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Thearticle was translated into Russian at once and distributed in pamphletform by the Russian Social Revolutionary party. A few months later Mark Twain wrote “King Leopold’s Soliloquy” expresslyto raise money for the Congo Reform Association.

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Mark Twain quoted Smith’scommand: “Kill and burn?this is no time to take prisoners?the more youkill and burn, the better?Kill all above the age of ten?make Samar a howlingwilderness!” Uncounted thousands of Filipino civilians were butchered by the Americanimperialists as a result of this order, carried out in retaliation fora Filipino attack on the U.S.

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~ Anti-Imperialist Writings on thePhilippine- American War (1992)
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He also leveled a deadly threat:“I would rather see any one of these men hanged?hanged for treason, hangedfor giving aid and comfort to the enemy?than see the humblest soldier inthe United States army lying dead on the field of battle” (quoted in ). Mark Twain’s answer to Funston came in the form of another essay, called “A Defense of General Funston” (May 1902).