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examining the fact that women are subject to harsher judgement for every action taken or choice made
Early 90s
Linguistics as a comparison to women in society
Not technically feminist or anti-feminist
Passage on page 3
Frivolous, doctorette
Is there a truth behind her words?
Passage on page 3
Chronological order of cause and effect events
Passage on page 3 (again)
Thorough descriptors
The differences in men's and women's marked styles
Page 46 of Zeitoun
9/11 created marks
situational/general = marking still occurs
What are other occasions either in Zeitoun or your life where marking was evident?
Tannen uses present tense to develop her pathos at the conclusion of her essay
Admitting to her own emotions after spending a large part of her essay making herself credible ("I felt sad to think..."
Tannen says that women don't have the freedom to be unmarked, this is effective because her audience of mostly America citizens highly value freedom, something that our country boasts of, and showing the lack of freedom that women have to be unmarked inflicts emotion
Governor v.

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Deborah Tannen, You Just Don't Understand: Women and Men in Marked/Unmarked | Reading Literature in Context: Feminist 25 Nov 2014 The article was written by Deborah Tannen and published in the early 90s That every woman is marked by her particular choices on personal CNN International, Deborah Tannen's interview, "Trump Speech Impact on article quoting Deborah Tannen, "Why There Are Way More 'Nasty Women' Than General Audience Articles — Deborah Tannen "Our Impossible Expectations of Hillary Clinton and All Women in Authority." The Washington Post Personal essay, The Washington Post September 28, 2008, p.

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Chapter 17 Aug 2007 My eyes just caught the word woman and I wondered what Deborah Tannen My applause goes out to Tannen for creating an essay were a teen might like she blamed society in general for causing women to be "marked.