From Max Weber: Essays in sociology : Weber, Max, …

By this he meant that social scientific exertion is governed by values which include individual values, community values as well as cultural values.
Notably, Max Weber’s contributions to sociology are immense and significant to the society today.

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Max Weber therefore regarded as one of the founders of contemporary sociology as a separate social science and his work is believed to have been more intricate and determined.
It is worth noting that Max Weber’s main contributions relied mostly on political sociology, religion of sociology and economic sociology as well as sociology of law which are the key component of modern sociology.

From Max Weber: Essays in sociology: Max Weber, …

From Max Weber: Essays in Sociology: Max Weber, H. …

During his works, Weber attempted to find the aggressive relationship between eroticism and rationalism (Stone, 2010).Through his thinking he offered sociology as a science that mainly dealt with human collective actions.