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Using the pseudonym "Mr. X'', Sagan wrote about his pot smoking in an essaypublished in the 1971 book "Reconsidering Marijuana.'' The book's editor,Lester Grinspoon, recently disclosed the secret to Sagan's biographer, KeayDavidson.

Davidson, a writer for the San Francisco Examiner, revealed the marijuanause in an article published in the newspaper's magazine Sunday. "CarlSagan: A Life'' is due out in October.

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Over the years, people have defended Mr. Skeptic’s libel. However, they never defended it by addressing the of his libel. The worst of them simply ignored the facts and called me names and played other games of obfuscation and misdirection. The of his defenders made excuses for his state of mind, calling him either sloppy or too eager to play debunker. Early drafts of this essay presented in greater detail the context of Mr. Skeptic’s libel, but my editor thought that I was belaboring the facts. In 2006, it became clear that some people still need it spelled out. For more information on why Mr. Skeptic’s was consciously dishonest, see this footnote.

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Mr. Skeptic is familiar with Dennis’s case and the documentation surrounding it. For several years, Mr. Skeptic published a page of mine in which I outlined the facts of the cases against Dennis, referring to the exhibits in that present the government's cases. I wrote that essay partly in response to Mr. Skeptic's complaints that he was hearing too much from Dennis’s defenders (I was not the only one), and he would like to see the government's case presented. I presented it with the government's own documents, right from Dennis’s book.