One example of this ability is in his “Notes of a Native Son” essay.

American History (5 day Fluency Reading Lesson Plans)
Grade/Class/Subject: 5th Grade / (Teacher) / Reading
Unit/Theme: American History
Standards: 5th Grade
English Department: Reading
The following are the standards upon which these lesson plans are based on as defined in the State of Arizona.
LA5.1A Students to use the reading process to integrate several comprehension strategies before, during, and after reading.
LA5.1A.1 Students use knowledge of synonyms, antonyms to develop fluency.
LA5.1A.2 Students comprehend grade-level-appropriate technical & subject-specific vocabulary to help build fluency.
LA5.1A.3 Students show understanding by retelling, summarizing, and paraphrasing central idea and accompanying details in the grade-level-appropriate reading text.
LA5.1A.4 Students make inferences, conclusions, or generalizations on text then back them with textual evidence & prior knowledge.
LA5.1A.5 Students comprehend cause and effect relationships.
LA5.1A.6 Students use such means as setting a purpose for reading & graphic organizers to make predictions, categorization, and analysis.
LA5.1B Students show comprehension of several literary texts.
LA5.1B.1 Students link characters, character traits, setting, & plot.
LA5.1B.2 Students identify with the text.
LA5.1B.3 Students identify descriptive language & imagery.
LA5.1B.4 Students read several literary genres e.g. poetry, fairy tales, fiction, historical fiction, fables, drama, folk tales, narratives from different cultures, myths, folk and legends).
LA5.1C Students show comprehension of informational text.

Richard Wright creates no exception to this reputation in his novel Native Son.

Richard Wright's novel, Native Son, embraces this knowledge and follows the reaction of one angry man as he manages the delights of his exploits and the consequences of his deeds.

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Was Richard Wright's Native Son a story about his views towards Capitalism and Communism .

This environment that Baldwin grew up in inspires and influences him to write the narrative “Notes of a Native Son,” which is based on his experience with racism and the Jim-Crow Laws....

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The theme that Native Son author Richard Wright puts in this story is that the white community makes Bigger act the way he does, that through the communities actions, Bigger does all the things he is accused of doing.

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As an example, Richard Wright's novel, Native Son, specifically conveys his opinion of the struggle blacks had to face (personified by Bigger Thomas, the main character of the story) in the white man's world of the early 1900's.

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In his essay entitled, “Notes of a Native Son”, Baldwin does an excellent job making use of binaries and repetition of words and phrases as well as switching back and forth from narrative to analysis....

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Instead of preaching about his hatred for white America, Baldwin utilizes his narrative and analysis techniques to illustrate the destructive nature of the black society’s hatred for white society in “Notes of a Native Son”....