Nancy Sweeney, Program Director

This practicum focuses on the application of nurse executive leadership skills in the practice environment. Focus will be on the role of the nurse executive and evidence-based research. Corequisite: .

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In his blog, Freudberg states that nurses outnumber physicians by six to one. He notes that nurses spend much more time with patients, and are in many ways “the heart of American healthcare.” Underscoring this point, he writes that as medical insurance expands under the Affordable Care Act, the pressure on nurses (hence their stress level) is increasing.

“Where Compassion And Professionalism Meet”

Post-Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice (Advanced Practice Track) - August 1

This course will focus on technology and its application in nursing education and the practice environment. Emphasis will be placed on emerging technology that could have a significant impact on teaching, learning, nursing practice and scholarship. Technologies that may be included are social computing, mobile computing, web based strategies, virtual worlds, simulation, and learning management systems. The course content will change over time as emerging technologies become available and affect teaching, learning and creative expression in higher education.

Post Master's Nurse Executive - August 1

This course examines application of the nursing process as it relates to selected cultures. The primary concerns will be diverse communication systems and cultural norms within the health care delivery system.

Carolyn Rutledge, Associate Chair for Graduate Programs

This clinical course emphasizes the nursing process in the application of community, leadership, and management concepts in planning, implementing, and directing nursing care for groups of clients and families from diverse populations.
Prerequisites: (may be taken concurrently).

Courses are included in the master's program.

This clinical practicum provides an opportunity for the transition of nursing students into professional nursing practice. Students will apply leadership and management principles and concepts to patient care coordinator of care, and functions of health care organizations.
Prerequisites: ( and ).
Co-requisites: , , .

Nancy Sweeney, Program Director

This clinical practicum course provides an opportunity for students to apply the nursing process when caring for client with multi-system complex health alterations. Clinical experiences in a variety of settings are used.
Prerequisites: ( and and ).
Co-requisite: .

Courses included in the master's program

This clinical practicum provides the student an opportunity to synthesize the nursing process with public health concepts in the nursing care of individuals, families, groups and communities with a focus on preventive nursing care.
Prerequisites: ( and ).
Co-requisites: , , .