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I will not witness on the basis of evolution/creation arguments, because Jesus Christ commands a higher witness in the Great Commission: Acts 1: 6-8. If someone would like to believe in Jesus but has a problem with the idea of creation in 6 days of 24 hours each, I will describe the possibilities that I can accept as consistent with the Bible and the natural world that we know. I will emphasize the most important thing: that mankind was created by an all-powerful and loving Creator who daily nourishes and sustains the human race, and desires Salvation for all mankind (1 Timothy 2:4).

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Darwin was, during his university years, a student of Paley writings, and much of what Darwin later wrote refuted this work by demonstrating the haphazard and contingent nature of evolution.

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Such inter-generational "branching", however sustained, ultimately provided much of the argument that would be central to Darwin's "descent with modification through natural selection" related Theory of Evolution.

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In this respect their practitioners are like all scientists, confident that the basic concepts are unlikely to be altered, but incomplete in that there is more to be discovered about the evolution of life. Many hypotheses will be confirmed or abandoned as new facts of nature are brought to light. The narrative of life's history will continue to be revised, its portrait redrawn. Like the story of the cosmic universe (essay IV), life's story remains unfinished with respect to both evolution's story and its future.

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One often reads the statement that "evolution says the earth is billions of years old." This statement is incorrect. Astronomy and geology say that the earth is billions of years old. Evolution draws on these disciplines for an estimate of the time in which the evolutionary processes can work. This point is important in order to realize the breadth of the quarrel about the age of the earth. If you assert that the earth is only 10,000 years old, you are disputing far more areas of the natural sciences than just a portion of biology.

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So, the evolutionary sciences constitute a web or constellation of facts, theories, and speculative hypotheses that has been established by the ongoing scientific work of gathering data and making predictions on the basis of hypotheses and testing them.


This evidence is not uncritically accepted; indeed, the community of scientists is a most critical bunch. They, not their opponents, continually gather new information from nature and test and argue over their own hypotheses and theories about the mechanisms of evolution and the historical reconstruction of life's descent. They do not doubt the fact that evolution has occurred; rather, they are debating how it happened and what pathways it has taken (Gould, 1983, 256). If evolution were merely philosophical dogma this scientific activity would not be taking place.