Which paragraph contains the chain of causes and effects?

It would have been great to see a word list added to exeplify words that would be used when comparing, contrasting or show a cause and effect realtionship.

Choosing the essay topic for cause and effect essay type is not difficult, here are some :

Cause and effect essays are concerned with why things happen (causes) and what happens as a result (effects). Cause and effect is a common method of organizing and discussing ideas.

Sample cause and effect essay .

The above diagram indicates that there are at least two causes of the topic and one effect.

Here are some examples:
Organization of Cause/Effect essays
Block Organization:

First, discuss all the causes as a block (1-3 paragraphs or more)

Then discuss the effects as a block

Sometimes includes a transition paragraph in between major sections
Organization of Cause and Effect essays
Chain organization

Causes and effects are linked to each other in a chain.

How to Coordinate Cause and Effect Essays

Read Mark Twain's little piece (below) about the troubles he has with his new watch, as another example of narrative writing. (There is very little in the way of paragraphing in this narrative, and as you read along you might want to think about how you would break this piece into smaller units of thought for your reader.) Answer the questions we pose after Twain's essay and apply them as well to Jeffrey Tayler's essay above.

Organization method for cause and effect essay on …

You might need an entire paragraph for one link, or you might include a few different causes/effects in a single paragraph
Let's look at an example:
Model: Cause/Effect Essay (Chain Organization)


(1) Years ago, medical researchers identified a psychological disorder that they appropriately named Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD.

Organization Of A Cause And Effect Essay

An hour's walk outside in winter sunlight may also help (HMHA, 2004).
(4) In conclusion, the depressive effect of low sunlight levels may help explain the high suicide rate in the Scandinavian countries; more important, it may suggest a remedy: When the days grow short, turn on the lights.

Cause and Effect Essays
Education - Explain the decline in reading ability among schoolchildren

Environmental Studies - Discuss the effets of global warming on the environment

Economics - Discuss NAFTA and its effects on the Mexican economy

History - Discuss the causes of WWII

Psychology - Explain why some people have a more difficult time adjusting to life in the US than others.

Cause effect essay chain organization

By the twentieth century mafiosi were extorting money from aristocrats and by the end of the same century they were . One might make a case that certain landholding aristocrats and higher clergy, including a few bishops, condoned the actions of the Mafia when it was expedient, but sweeping generalizations are unjustified. For example, the land reforms of 1948 dividing the large rural estates were opposed by the nobles who owned these properties, and certain mafiosi worked for these landholders as land managers. Until the twentieth century the Church in Italy rarely took a strong position on any "progressive" social issue, so (for example) divorce was legalized in the country only in 1974. If anything, we could say that the Mafia was sometimes facilitated by corrupt politicians who, like most Italians, were Catholic. It is true, however, that the Mafia flourished for a long time because the Church and the ruling class failed to recognize it as a threat to the very fabric of society.