Religious themes in Oryx and Crake.

Oryx's job is to both teach the Crakers about botany and market the BlyssPluss Pill. One day, a worldwide pandemic breaks out. Oryx realizes that it is emerging from every city that she had visited to market the pill. Jimmy locks himself into the Paradice compound with the Crakers. When Crake, who had been out at an unknown place returns, he is unable to get in. When Jimmy lets him in, Crake slits Oryx's throat in front of him. Jimmy then shoots Crake.

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Jimmy and Crake's parental relationships are reflected in their later lives through their romantic and platonic interactions. As both Jimmy and Crake had absent or dead parents, their understanding of nurturing relationships is maimed. Oryx, on the other hand, despite having been treated badly by all of her parental figures, retains a respect and hope that Jimmy and Crake lack. It is probable this facet of Oryx's personality is part of what attracts both Jimmy and Crake to her.

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Cormac McCarthy’s The Road and Margaret Atwood’s novel, Oryx & Crake, are no exception to this.

It is good that he does achieve a certain depth, because he is the only fully realised character whom we meet. Jimmy's friend Crake, who harbours dreams of scientific experimentation that finally take the whole world as a laboratory, should be a crux of the novel, but he is never more than a vehicle for the plot. Perhaps he has to be rather inhuman and unsympathetic to fill this role as an updated Frankenstein, but he remains a shadowy figure to the very end. And what strikes the novel's only really duff note, oddly, is its main female character, Oryx. Oryx is Jimmy's wet dream - indeed, he first glimpses her as a child on an internet porn site: "She was small-boned and exquisite, and naked like the rest of them, with nothing on her but a garland of flowers and a pink hair ribbon . . . The act involved whipped cream and a lot of licking. The effect was both innocent and obscene."

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In Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake the concept of perfection is constantly challenged in a world run by corporations who are trying to package human perfection and profit from it....

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Margaret Atwood, renowned author of many novels, crafts the beautiful Maddaddam trilogy, consisting of Oryx and Crake, Year of the Flood, and Maddaddam. The series is portrayed as a work of feminism, environmental activism, and even...

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The theme of "natural" evolution vs. "synthetic" evolution is presented in Oryx and Crake numerous times. The pharmaceutical companies in the novel have gone beyond creating medicines to battle disease and bodily dysfunction. Their expansion into genetically modified animals raises questions about what exactly comprises nature. Crake describes his modification of human beings as a part of nature as in his view, nothing lies outside of the realm of nature.

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Jimmy met Crake/Glenn a few months before his mother's departure. As such, the two things are tied together in his mind. Jimmy and Crake begin to spend a lot of time together after school. During this time, they play online games, i.e. Extinctathon, and view many vulgar websites for entertainment purposes. One game in particular, Extinctathon, gives them their nicknames. The game requires vast knowledge of all of the extinct species on Earth. Crake () and Jimmy (Thickney) take on nicknames as part of the game. Crake's nickname sticks whereas Jimmy's does not. It is also during these numerous web-surfing hours that they first see Oryx. About eight years old, Oryx was on a child pornography website. Crake prints out her image and gives Jimmy a copy.

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The content of the various explicit websites, self-reproducing chicken parts, the identity of Oryx, genetically spliced animals, and the images projected by the drug companies all constitute examples of altered realities. Crake's long-thought development of the Crakers is the best-documented example of an intangible reality becoming tangible. Another example of an interpretation of reality occurs with the dissatisfaction of Jimmy's mother with Compound life, which she views as a disingenuous form of living.