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A hobo who has transfered from railyards to urban alleys.
Night walkers - These are people who police believed do not belong to the area and have no means of supporting themselves.

Try out the PEE method. Here's an extract from 'Holes' about Stanley and the prison work camp.

As in, they will get their hooks in you if you go into that town.
Hookshop - A brothel.
Hooligan - A young hoodlum, a petty gangster.
Hoosegow - Same as calaboose, jail.

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Perfect for applying illegal graffiti by the medium of spray paint.
Flatfoot - A cop.
Flat busted - Completely broke; without any money.
Flicker - To faint or simulate fainting.
Flimflam - To swindle, hoax or to trick.
Flimflam man - A person who practices petty trickery or deception.

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The big house or big school.
Stirrup - A metal step shaped like a flat “U” which is affixed to the underside of each end of both sides of a freight car, used to step onto and off of the car.
Stool pigeon - An informer, a rat, one who betrays to the police.

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Usually fueled with steno, an alcohol-based flammable which was often imbibed when money was short.
Stew builder - A hobo camp cook, a kitchen mechanic.
Stew bum (1) - A hobo that hangs out with other hoboes in a jungle.
Stew bum (2) - A booze fighting bums that never leave the stem.
Stew bum (3) - An old hobo wasted by alcohol.
Stiff (1) - A hobo worker.

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Also to lead a clean life and stay off the tracks.
Strap-down - To secure a load on a flat car by use of flat metal bands, or cable tightly strapped around the load.

They claim to be trading horses or moving from place to place.

See: A-No.1.
Stem - A street.
Stemming - Panhandling or mooching along the streets.
Sterno - A dangerous alcoholic drink made by heating sterno can.
Sterno drunk - A transient who drinks steno, cheap wine, shoe polish or anything else he can get his hands on.

They are roving the land in search of employment.

New restrictive food stamp policies have greatly reduced the number of stamp tramps.
Standard gauge - A track gauge of 4 feet 8 1/2 inches (1435 mm), adopted throughout many industrialized countries.
Steller hobo (1) - A hobo who sleeps under the stars, under the astral blanket.
Steller hobo (2) - An outstanding in the field of being a hobo or tramp, such as A-No.1.