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Among multiple healthcare organizations, nurses represent the largest technology user group. In the beginning nurses believed that electronic documentation and information systems were an interruption to their daily workflow and a disruption from bedside care (Lee, 2004). Over the years however, nurses have become more accustomed to the technology, which is positive since their acceptance of it is imperative to successful system implementation. Today, nurses are more proficient in all aspects of information technology while maintaining superior levels of patient care.

Patients who have low health literacy levels are at risked for the need of teach-back.

Chosen specific health topic is TracheostomyThe population the written procedure relates to: Tracheostomy in paediatric patients recording of voice over should be of moderate speed and clear………………………… For a custom paper on….

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Proper training and education are vital ingredients of development of patient safety.

Create a patient educational plan that incorporates the following:
Describe the disease process
Map the age, ethnic and cultural background, spiritual, and developmental issues to the disease
Describe the effect on quality of life based on the disease
Integrate the educational needs of the patient, and plan on how they can be met
Consider the patient’s perceived challenges
Develop the patient plan of care
Review the potential patient outcomes based on the plan of care
Discuss alternative solutions if patient plan of care is not successful
Cite and reference at least five credible sources

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• EvaluationSlide (one to three slides):Describe how you would determine the success of the patient’s use of this app. For example, include ways to evaluate the
effectiveness of the teaching plan that are a good fit for the type of app or focus on specific ways that this app benefits the patient’s health and wellness.

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It will provide many resources to allow patients easier access to insurance for health care costs and preventive care such as cancer screenings and vaccines.

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The patient safety program in hospital setting is intended to reduce medical errors and hazardous conditions by assuring an environment that inspires error identification, reporting and prevention through education, system enhancement for any adverse occasions such that information about sentinel events that frequently occurs in health care are built in the system progressively for risk reduction.