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Personally, I refuse to use wireless networks, as I don't wantto risk my clients' confidential data on such networks.

In the year 2002, a new kind of malicious computer program appeared, which isautomatically installed when one visits certain websites (e.g., file-sharingservices), click on some pop-up adverts, or click on some attachments in e-mail.

The more benign spyware programs track the websites that you visit andsend you adverts that are considered appropriate for your interests, whichis an invasion of your privacy.

The worst of the spyware programs record your keystrokes, particularlylooking for your passwords, user names, credit card numbers, andother confidential information.

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so that no one shares passwords.) This rule can create a problemif you die or are incapacitated, so perhaps you should write it downonce: on a sheet of paper that you keep in a bank's safe deposit box(for your personal account) or in a safe in the corporate office(for the company's computer).

When you get a new computer account, it will come with an initialpassword, which password was probably randomly chosen.

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One of the students asked the teacher how to answer it - he was looking for a button to press.

Hence, users in the 1980s did notneed anti-virus software if they both (1) only purchased softwarefrom reputable sources and (2) never copied programs from floppy disksprovided by their friends and colleagues.

Three developments in the 1990s made anti-virus software essential forall computer users:Since everyone uses e-mail and nearly everyone will download executablesoftware from the Internet, everyone should have a good anti-virus programrunning on their machine.

Because an anti-virus program will likely object to the installation ofany new software, the user should disable anti-virus program before installingnew software.

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This dramatic increase in the number of attempts per hourto access my computer shows that the Internet is becoming a more dangerousplace and that firewall software is necessary for a secure computer.

Now that computers are relatively inexpensive (e.g., less than US$ 1000),I believe that it also makes sense to have totally separate and isolatedmachines for external access.

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This suggestion is in contrast to advice for users ofthe Microsoft Windows operating systems, where daily updates of anti-virus definitions are prudent.

Owners of an Apple computer who also use Microsoft Word wordprocessingsoftware (versions Word6 and higher) are vulnerable to macro virusesthat use Visual Basic for Applications, which also affect computersrunning a Microsoft Windows operating system.

As a virus, worm, or other malicious program can be transmitted viaan attachment to e-mail, one should rigorously follow three rules:

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The information stored on your computer in the file that your webbrowser accesses identifies you to each online store, and could make it possible for a thief to impersonate you and to charge items to your credit card.

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Whenever I make a revision to one of my essays, I upload anew copy from my office computer to the webhosting computerin Pittsburgh via file transfer protocol (FTP) on the Internet.

Here are some hints about how to make a computer secure fromincoming commands: