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Choosing the essay topic for your personal essay is easy as you are well familiar with the subject. Here are the most popular personal essay topic examples:

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Great piece! Yes, I've written personal essays; nothing beats writing about myself, that's what I always say. The most unexpected thing about my own self-revelations was that I necessarily couldn't tell the full truth. I tried, but in every instance there was something that was just too damn personal to reveal. I never lied. But I didn't spill everything - not by any means.

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I just finished a personal essay. Thank you for the super list. I love the other magazines chiming in with a call for submissions.

The Personal Essay is all about TMI (too much information). It tells you its deepest fears, most disgusting habits, and most loathsome opinions. It picks its nose in public, tells you about its bowel movements, and walks around without pants on—even when your friends are over. In fact, the whole point of the Personal Essay is to embarrass itself. Lopate puts it eloquently when he says that, “the ‘plot’ of a personal essay…consists in watching how far the essayist can drop past his or her psychic defenses toward deeper levels of honesty.”

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Generally, keep in mind that the points about your life that you highlight should be somehow relevant to both your own interest in the field of study, as well as to the concerns of the admissions committee. In judging what information to include or exclude from your essay, try to balance academic, work-related, and personal information in a manner appropriate to your situation, goals, and the application requirements.

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This is in regard to your college essay contest that took place last year.
The essay entitled "" by Matthew Bender from the University of Arkansas has several factual errors and insinuations. Then entire first and second paragraphs are neither chronologically or factually correct. How do I know that there are errors? Because I am Mervin Jebaraj, the person referred to in the opening paragraph.

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If you have additional, relevant information about yourself that does not easily fit into the essay, or into any other section of the university's application, you may want to include a condensed resume or curriculum vitae with your application package. This is especially applicable to those who have worked professionally since having graduated from school. Relevant items here might include work experience, publications, and presentations, as well as language and computer skills.

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Do tell the truth about yourself. The admission committee is anonymous to you; you are completely unknown to it. Even if you run into a committee member in the future, he will have no way of connecting your essay (out of the thousands he has read) to you.