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The Giver essay topics choose one : 1.

(then we continue with text or end with the citation)

If you add with in a quote to make it agree with your writing or change anything add [brackets]
Jonas is curious why everyone could not see color,

"The Giver shrugged.

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Sometimes it is good to use part of a sentence as a quote instead of the whole sentence so that you can clarify details or paraphrase.
What should not have happened?
When Jonas realized that the Community had decided to take away color he disagreed with the decision and told the Giver, "'We shouldn't have!'" (Lowry 121).
Jonas believed that the Community should not have taken color away from the people (Lowry 121).
Which example is a direct quote, partial quote and paraphrased?
Long Quotes, Brackets, and Ellipses
For quotes of more than 4 lines, you need to indent the entire quote to set it apart.

If you want to remove some material from a text we use ellipses .

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You’ll learn more about thesis statements later in the lesson.
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they waited until the last minute to work on their essays
they are not confident in their own ideas or writing skills, so they feel they need to borrow from someone else
includes copying someone else’s work word-for-word or using his or her ideas without giving proper credit.

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Persuasive essay topics and analysis of language and the giver essay on history essay on lord loves a mar 01, so the giver essay writing.

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Write an essay that shows how The Giver creates an Expository Writing/ The Giver by Anne Marie Webb on Prezi Expository Writing/ The Giver.