In 1962, Dick Tiger won the world middle weight boxing championship.

The bout was a charade." Asked what happened to the banned substance caught with Mamby in the seventh round, Obisia got visibly furious: "I don't like talking about that fight because it was day light robbery.


BOXED INTO A CORNER(Africa News Service) Boxed Into A Corner Lagos (Tempo, November 12, 1998) - Once the pride sport in Nigeria, Boxing in the past two decades has declined steadily.

Tiger inspired lots of Nigerians to go into boxing.

"The Lion of Mid-West."The match was declared a draw, although I thought Wonder Boy won.

What really happened during Milwaukee’s Open Housing Marches of 1967-1968? What happened after the 1968 Open Housing Law was passed? Did things change? Join us to learn more about the current state of segregation in Milwaukee, how that was shaped by the 1968 Open Housing Law, and where we go from here.

The euphemistic ''problem'' waswell understood.

Former Creative Director and Photojournalist for the Milwaukee Business Journal, Lee brings his years of international experience as a foreign correspondent in Asia and Europe. His list of awards include top honors from the Milwaukee Press Club. Lee proudly uses MCTS as the exclusive mode of transportation for covering all his news reports.

Giardello hadn't had a license to box in New Yorksince 1957.

“I followed him (her neighbor, who was a member of the local police) and, since he knew my mother very well, he didn’t do me any harm. On arriving near the pit, this neighbor had the Jews stand at its edge and shot at them with his submachine gun. If there were any children among them, he lifted them, held them by their feet and knocked their head against a tree. I remained only a few meters behind him all the while.”

''But that is not the entire story,'' Tiger explained patiently.

“The Germans saw the shelter and they threw a grenade in it. Rouhlia (14 years old) came out, stunned. A German took her by the hair and shot her in the head. Then her sister Mehlia (16 years old) exited. The same fate for her. The Jewish man, Choulim (16 years old), who was hiding in the forest, came running. A German, remaining behind a tree, shot him in succession and his intestines came out. Then, the Germans threw another 2 grenades into the shelter and left for the edge of the forest to find other Jews.”

''They offered me more money if I would fight him in Atlantic City.

“We went to the Utena market to sell our eggs with my father. Suddenly, my father stopped the cart. He started to shake. A group of Jews passed in front of us. They were the Jews of Utena. They were lined up at the edge of a large pit and shot. We stayed there until the bodies were buried.”

I didn't realize he wasspeaking directly to me.

These image are from the exhibit preview on April 19 at the Milwaukee Jewish Museum, and the public lecture by Father Patrick Desbois to more than 250 people for the opening program that detailed the process of uncovering mass graves and the gеnоcіdе against Jews during World War II.