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No matter how much we may try to ignore it, human communication always takes place in a context, through a medium, and among individuals and groups who are situated historically, politically, economically, and socially. This state of affairs is neither bad nor good. It simply is. Bias is a small word that identifies the collective influences of the entire context of a message.

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Although political bias is supposed to be close to nonexistent in what is being distributed by the media and by the government, the Western opinion of the Arab world and particularly the Arab Spring differs dramatically depending on the relationship it has with the country.

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claims the the news media are biased toward liberal politics. claims the the news media are biased toward conservative politics. Supporters of these views see one group as right and the other as wrong. But the reality is not that simple. Yes, AIM and FAIR each point out coverage that appears to bolster their various claims. At times, the media do seem to be biased one way or the other. What these groups don't say, however, is that their mistrust of the media is also a mistrust of the people. Those who complain most about media bias would see themselves as able to identify it and resist it. They get upset about it because they question whether the average American is able to do the same. If the average American can identify it and resist it, then there is little need to get upset about bias. The AIM and FAIR web sites are full of material to help hapless Americans avoid the cognitive ravages of the "evil" conservatives or the "slandering" liberals and their media lackeys. I believe the average American is quite capable of identifying problems with news coverage. In my opinion, crusading against political bias in the news media is an elitist practice.

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Is the news media biased toward liberals? Yes. Is the news media biased toward conservatives? Yes. These questions and answers are uninteresting because it is possible to find evidence--anecdotal and otherwise--to "prove" media bias of one stripe or another. Far more interesting and instructive is studying the inherent, or structural, biases of journalism as a professional practice--especially as mediated through television. I use the word "bias" here to challenge its current use by partisan critics. A more accepted, and perhaps more accurate, term would be "frame." These are some of the professional frames that structure what journalists can see and how they can present what they see.

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One should be very cautious about applying the results of this research to product marketing, political marketing campaigns and product marketing campaigns being very different things. We detect little bias in the media for or against most products though those with political implications (SUVs, for example, have political implications because they are the bete noir of those who have politics-influenced beliefs on energy policy) may be affected by politics-biased news coverage. But most products are ideologically neutral. This being so, there is usually no felt need by news organizations to address them in terms of there being “an issue” involving controversy. Passions are not inflamed with respect to products and media political bias has little to do with products. Again, there are exceptions. A utility advertising the fact that it has an environmentally friendly wind farm among its generating facilities is likely to place an ad on , doing so in the hopes that the demographics of the PBS audience, and its presumed leftward tilt, will ensure that this fact will be viewed with particular favor by that audience. But, a few special cases aside, product marketing is not greatly affected by media bias.

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The most common forms of bias may occur when the media hold up or assault a particular party, contestant or dogma. However, other form of bias includes advertising bias, this occurs when stories are prejudiced to please advertisers. Another one is Corporate bias occurs when stories are chosen to please corporate media owners. Another type of media bias is mainstream bias, which is the tendency of the reporters avoid stories that offend anyone. In addition, some of the reporters try to air news that is exceptional from the ordinary; this is known as sensationalism bias. Media bias has become common around the world and has now been included in the curriculum studied in the school of journalism. However, several watchdog groups have been stepped up to protect the media from various parts of political spectrum. Media bias in United States occurs when media systematically presents a particular point of view. The most common types of media bias in this state include Liberal bias, main stream bias, and corporate bias. These bias are common in both news and entertainment media.