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First, you must be able to identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses in order to become a lifelong learner and an essential part of a ?team?.

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Hi Liz, thanks for your amazing and helpful efforts. I’m concerned about the amount of time I spend trying to answer the questions in the reading lessons. please what’s the maximum time you suggest I spend on each lesson questions as a way of practice for the real IELTS test. Thanks and God bless.

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Don’t worry, they are good questions. These practice lessons are only to develop skills for question types, not for speed. It is good to try to predict the answer because it means you are thinking more deeply about the questions. These lessons are not enough to prepare for your IELTS test. You also need to do practice tests from the IELTS Cambridge books. Watch my video about how to prepare for IELTS – it’s on my home page.
All the best