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With the agricultural revolution, people gradually abandoned the hunter-gatherer lifestyle, so they were no longer moving around, following the migration patterns of the animals that humans hunted and the seaso...

It analysis of story preciousness tells the story of a 38-year-old mysporttraining woman named.

[T]he likeness of God means the likeness of Him who is unlike man. The likeness of God means the likeness of Him compared with whom all else is like nothing.

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Positive and existential psychological approaches to the experience of meaning in life.

At the end of the path a single-pointed concentration is attained, and the 'purified elephant' of the mind is now completely settled. The flying monk represents bodily bliss; and his riding of the elephant, mental bliss. Riding the elephant back triumphantly across the rainbow, wielding the flaming sword of perfect insight having attained the flame of clear understanding and remembrance, represents the uprooting of samsara by the unity of Calm-Abiding and Higher Insight.

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Using the eight Antidotes, one removes the defects of depressive passivity and manic excitation. With the four types of attention one is enabled to attain the nine Stages of Calm-abiding. One likewise becomes aware of the manner in which one attends to the object.

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Matthew Rohrer's The Others, out this year from Wave Books, is different from most books of poetry. Not only does it shrug off the preciousness of "poetry" in the way it stirs together things that are supposed to be fun (like robot bigfoots and illicit reading) and things that are not supposed to be fun (like commuting and losing your job); not only does it toggle back and forth between deep and superficial experience in a way that is powerful, familiar, revealing, and irreverent all at once—The Others does something stranger.

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By observing all of this, an individual can make actual progress in meditation. If they are just "doing the given exercise" but do not understand these subtle fluctuations in practice, there will be no real progress. One can't just sit with a blank mind, trying to concentrate and not be aware what is going on and what one should be doing simultaneously.

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I have always valued what it means to write across different genres. So many of the literary figures I've long admired refused to situate themselves within a singular mode of writing. They were poets, they were playwrights, they were essayists, they were novelists. This literary dexterity enriched the scope of their work and often led to an interdisciplinary, creative output that could not easily be compartmentalized.