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Here it would be useful to note that India has a fairly large system of higher education in as much as we have today around 250 universities, over 10,500 colleges and nearly 55 lakh students being taught by 3 lakh –odd teachers.

119, titled Developing and Implementing Equity and Inclusive Education Policies in Ontario Schools.

Privatization of education in India and /or more vigorous and active participation by private bodies in the education field, one feels, would significantly improve India’s rank bringing it at par with the top nations in this field.

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Thus more and more people are looking towards privatization of education as a panacea.

privatization of education, especially higher education, it is said, may further dampen prospective students and their guardians from seeking to study at higher levels.

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The government should take care of the educational expenditure by disbursing to the parents/guardians the cost of their wards’ attending schools through transfer payments rather than funding the schools and colleges directly.

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So privatization of the primary and secondary educational systems can help ameliorate the situation by improving the quality of education while reducing the cost.

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It is tentative, because it's politically sensitive, but it opens the door for the private sector to get involved, bit by bit."We could argue about whether or not these steps towards full-scale privatisation improve or damage standards in education.

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State intervention should ensure that the private sector institutions provide the poor sections of the masses access to education in theses institutions.

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The government has also been experimenting with the management of Local Education Authorities, privatising either some of the services they offer, or, in the case of Leeds, the entire outfit.

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As many researchers have discussed, and administrators and teachers alike have grown to understand, if this current educational model/system is to produce creative, productive, active, and technologically savvy students-citizens the worst actions are perhaps having no actions at all (Stansbury, 2013).