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Quality: Please provide a 80%+ work.Instruction of this essay:Provide real-world examples for the following types of intelligences as theorized by Gardner: verbal/linguistic, body-kinesthetic (movement), and logical/mathematical.

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Upon finding out I had to apply a learning principle of psychology to my life, I was not sure of which aspect I could apply to and benefit greatly from it.

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This assignment starts by reading the Internet entry about Howard Hughes, Virginia Woolf, and Sylvia Plath. Then, watch one of the recommended movies: The Aviator, Sylvia, or The Hours. After watching the film, write a case analysis with potential treatment options for Howard Hughes, Sylvia Plath, or Virginia Woolf. Specifically, develop a diagnosis and an alternative/rule-out diagnosis. Substantiate each diagnosis and the rationale for ruling out the alternative with evidence from the patient’s life. Then, based on the primary diagnosis, describe at least four different treatment options and evaluate them against each other by comparing and contrasting the effectiveness and drawbacks of each. The four options that you have to include are: a) psychopharmacological treatments, b) psychological treatments, c) family therapy based treatments, and d) biomedical treatments. The content of this assignment will be evaluated for each of the following components: Your written support for primary and rule-out diagnoses Discussion of a psychopharmacological treatment Discussion of a psychological treatment Discussion of a family therapy based treatment Discussion of a biomedical treatment If you are unable to locate one of the recommended movies, contact your professor immediately to find an alternative movie to complete the assignment. Your written support for primary and rule-out diagnoses / Your oral argumentation to support the primary and rule-out diagnoses