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In the short term, we can at least try to change the language we personally choose to use. I know many of my friends in our mad movement -- including psychiatric survivors, dissident mental health professionals and authors -- freely use the term "mentally ill," because they think it's more recognizable by the public. However, in the field of Intellectual disabilities, many groups now have campaigns to get rid of the frequently-used And of course civil rights activists have largely effectively fought the "N word." Frequency of word usage does not eliminate the pain that is caused, and does not make change hopeless.

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DSM-5 has ignited a broad dialogue on mental illness and  about the state of psychiatry and mental healthcare in this country.

So please, become a pioneer, and together let's drop the use of the phrase "mental illness," and search for more inclusive and creative phrases. This is a reminder that our words and even our whole social reality of what is called "normal," are not forced upon us God-given by the heavens, but are constructs that we mortals all co-create, in our imperfection, in our freedom, together.

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There is historical fear of mental illness, stemming from when these diseases were viewed first as demonic possessions and later as character or moral defects, before we had any scientific understanding for the biological basis of, say, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism or Alzheimer's disease.

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Instead, they are against the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses--which improves, and in some cases saves, millions of lives every year--and "against" the very idea of psychiatry, and its practices of psychotherapy and psychopharmacology.

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Dr Alvin Poussaint of Harvard University wrote that if , then racists would not be able to control their beliefs and wouldn’t have to challenge or change their own beliefs. Radicalised , and black people have been suffering with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression because of racism for centuries. So it is irresponsible to suggest a violent act of race hate is a consequence of suffering from a mental illness.

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Over the last week, ‘mental health’ and ‘racism’ have been mentioned way too many times in the same sentence. Yero is finally at breaking point.

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