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There has been significant improvement between 1950 and 2016. However, the progress the black population has made and the setbacks are not proportionate. During the 1950s, laws were enforced to continue the segregation and discrimination towards African Americans. They were disadvantaged every day and their rights could not be compared to anything. Still, there was an incline as many significant and influential citizens fought for their right and every other African America living in the world. However, the patterns and themes that were seen in the 1950s against the black population can still be seen in today’s society. For example, police brutality and violence against African Americans has happened for decades and this issue still does not seem to be stopping even with the amount of awareness it has received over the last few years. Along with that, blacks still receive hate based on stereotypes that were formed many years ago which does stop affect their everyday lives. The 2016 Presidential Election reaffirms the idea of racism still present in America, as Donald Trump’s policies against the minorities in the USA is very questionable. There has been an improvement in education as integration of different minorities is not looked at negatively anymore. However, there are still some schools in the South that are strictly for the white population. Another problem with society today is that media produces negative views and opinions on African Americans which reinforce previous racial stereotypes making it hard for change to occur. Even though the problems that happened during the 1900s and the problems happening now are not exactly the same, it is evident that there is a pattern that has been formed by a single idea. Hannibal square holds a very important story and its history has been passed down through generations. While desegregation has taken place within Hannibal Square, there are still areas where discrimination is prominent. It is also apparent how much the black community has declined over the years in a very noticeable one race area. In conclusion, racial segregation is still very evident in America and the historical events that took place during the 1950s are linked to the current events that take place every day.

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On Jewish terrorism – British Secretary of State for the ColoniesOn September 10, 1945, the British Secretary of State for the Colonies submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister in which he stated:The young Jewish extremists, the product of a vicious education system, know neither toleration nor compromise; they regard themselves as morally justified in violence directed against any individual or institution that impedes the complete fulfillment of their demands. In a similar spirit their ancestors in the second century B.C. laid waste Palestine until a ravaged countryside and ruined cities marked the zenith of Hasmonaean power. The prototypes of the Stern Group and National Military Organization are the Zealots and Assassins according to whose creed even Jews married to Gentiles were worthy of death in Roman times. These Zealots of today, from Poland, Russia and the Balkans have yet to learn toleration and recognition of the rights of others. As the Foreign Secretary said recently of the Balkans, these people do not understand the meaning of the word democracy. The Jewish Agency may deplore terrorism; but every immoderate speech … the flagrant disregard on the one hand for the authority of Government in maintaining law and order and on the other for the Arab case, the chauvinism and intolerance of their educational system, all contribute to an atmosphere in which the fanatic and the terrorist flourish. The Jewish leaders appear to be deliberately pushing extremism to a point when an explosion can no longer be avoided and do not scruple to use the plight of the Jews in Europe as a main political excuse. There are many Jews who deplore this state of affairs, but the rigidity of the discipline imposed by the political machine effectively discourages criticism except where it has no practical effect on Zionist policy. The Jews, like so much in Europe, need education in toleration and democracy.(6)

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