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A series of forms, only available to program mentors, help to guide periodic review and reflection to improve and strengthen the mentoring relationship.

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In the case of the FOE at UJ academics provide forms and other guidelines to mentor teachers in terms of what they must reflect upon. These reports are later used in discussions about students, the mentor teachers, the mentor-mentee relationship and where further development is required.

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A mentor teacher must remember that s/he does not have to reflect on every aspect of the lesson, but only certain aspects, for example:

There are different ways of writing a reflective essay and eventually you will develop your own style of writing a reflection. There are however certain aspects that need to be addressed to ensure that the process is successful.

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Training for mentors includes sessions on being observant, making eye contact, being a good listener, interaction with others, self reflection, and positive thinking.

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As a mentor teacher it is necessary to reflect on the progress that your mentee is making. Part of mentoring is the writing of a reflective essay. In this section we are going to explore how to write a reflective essay and what the content should be.


The program reflects considerable diversity as mentors and partners come from Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Canada, China, and Hong Kong among others.