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In Islam we must respect our elders in all situations.Essay on respect of elders.

1 through 30 Respect your elders | Teen Essay on What Matters | Teen Ink The author's comments: I wrote this to remind people to respect their elders and have a positive attitude towards them-- that positive attitude will help keep them 3 Ways to Respect Older People - wikiHow How to Respect Older People.

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Daylen - Salt Lake City, Respecting your elders is not the only thing people should remember in our every day Click here to read his essay.

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Throughout human history it appears that the idea of duties of care and respect toward one’s elders appears entrenched in most societies and cultures, whether through religious or societal imperatives. Yet, despite this, it appears that there have always been those that disregard the normative duties and obligations to respect and care for one’s elders: which gets translated into what would be called various formulations of elder abuse.

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At the end of a year, the researchers compared the two groups of elders. The residents who had been asked to care for their plants were living considerably longer than the norm, were much healthier, and were more oriented towards and connected to their world. The other residents, those who had plants but did not have to stay responsive to them, simply reflected the norms for people their age in longevity, health, alertness, and engagement with the world.

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Therefore, it seems to be an ongoing human project that includes recognizing the symptoms and signs of possible elder abuse and helping those responsible for education of the population to emphasize and internalize children’s sensitivity to the importance of respect and care toward their elders. Ultimately whatever might drive any inclination to elder abuse would be countered by very strong personal values that would inhibit it. If and when that fails, societies must continue to have regulatory and legislative policies in place to recognize and respond to evidence of abuse that removes the abused elder from the toxic situation and provides some means to regain their position of respect, coupled with their personal dignity and their personal assets that may have been lost during the abusive process.