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Chudleigh, Mary Lee, Lady – (1656 – 1710)
English author and feminist
Mary Lee was the daughter of Richard Lee, of Winsdale, in Devonshire. She was married (1685) to Sir George Chudleigh of Ashton, Devonshire, to whom she bore three children, including Colonel Thomas Chudleigh (1690 – 1726), father of the notorious adventuress Elizabeth Chudleigh. Her marriage was unhappy, and in 1701 she published the essay, The Ladies Defence, which created quite a stir, and was followed by Poems on Several Occasions (1703) which was dedicated to Queen Anne. In 1710 she wrote Essays upon Several Subjects, which was dedicated to Sophia, electress of Hanover, who sent her an autographed letter of thanks. Posthumous editions of her Poems were printed in 1713 and 1722, and her Ladies Defence was reprinted in 1755 in Poems of Eminent Ladies.

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Collier, Jane – (1710 – 1755)
British Hanoverian novelist
Jane Collier was the daughter of the metaphysician and clergyman Arthur Collier, Rector of Langford Magna in Wiltshire (1704), and was the great-niece of Sir Stephen Fox. With her sister she was taught Greek and Latin, and when the death of their father (1732) left the family in straitened financial circumstances, the writer Sarah Fielding sister to Henry Fielding and a family friend, encourage Jane to write as a means of augmenting the family income. She remained unmarried. Jane corresponded with Henry and Sarah Fielding and wrote to Samuel Richardson arguing against his proposed alterations to Sarah Fielding’s work The Governess, or Little Female Academy (1748). Her first published work was An Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting (1753) which was followed by The Cry: A New Dramatic Fable (1754).

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