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Substance abuse has been a concern of the president of Rocky University for several years. Some faculty members in the university believe that substance abuse is more widespread at Rocky than at other universities, while other faculty members think that substance abuse is not a major problem in the college. To resolve some of these issues, the president of the university commissioned a study to assess the current substance abuse behavior of students at Rocky. As part of this study, an anonymous exit survey was administered to a sample of 90 students from this year’s graduating class. Responses to the following questions were used to obtain data regarding three types of substance abuse.

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To make matters worse, a well meaning Japanese medical officer and friend in the boxing program - who was dazzled by the tremendous velocity of Rocky's punches - advised him that because of seriousness of the injury he "would never make it as a heavyweight boxer."

In the summer of 1946, Rocky received an honorable discharge and returned to Brockton.

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Finally, with his father's blessing, Rocky quit his job at Stacey Adams, and gave up all hope of becoming a skilled shoemaker.

Rocky Mountain Mattress Company proudly contributes to scholarship fund and is now holding an essay contest; the contest winner will receive a $1000 scholarship in the name of The Mark Forester Foundation.

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Rocky Mountain Mutual Company is a real estate organization that owns various housing properties. The owners of that firm came up with the idea of developing a gym and are currently ensuring that this idea is progressive. The purpose of the gym is to promote the welfare of the surrounding community, encourage interactions between the employees of the company, and offer those benefits involving health by enabling them to be physically fit. The benefits reduced the firm’s expenditure because there was a reduction in health expenses. Despite the stated benefits, there are concerns that have been brought up by some employees and members of the surrounding community on its existence.

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Of course, we don’t know if she tried before or after Frank removed half of Eddie’s brain.

If we see Frank as the Sexual Revolution, if Brad is the part of America that freaked out and tried to retreat into greater puritanicalism, if Janet is the part of America that went crazy with sexual abandon, if Rocky is sexuality in its natural state, then Columbia represents those who tried Free Love and found it unfulfilling, those who followed the craziness of the Sexual Revolution but discovered sex without love wasn’t right for them.

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He is Natural Man (despite his unnatural origins), propelled entirely by primitive drives not yet civilized out of him.

If Brad represents a too repressive reaction to the Sexual Revolution and Janet is a too permissive reaction, then Rocky represents the simple, natural state of sexuality.