T he year 2009 opened in difficult circumstances, to say the least

Soon-duk, although not very realistic, could have been an interesting character: a lady of noble birth that gets hooked on modern Western science and sets up a lab in an abandoned church to cook up all sorts of inventions.

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However true it might be when our main character Director Ku Kyung-nam repeats his motivation for being on the film jury panel of the Jecheon Film Festival to an ambitious, over-eager actress and her enabling stage-mom that "Many good films get buried unfairly", the sincerity is brought into question when the actress responds "Like your films?" He takes offense to this because his words didn't have the effect he'd hoped, or better yet, his own words were used against him, resulting in an awkward moment that is one of the many Hongian beats spread out throughout to the delight of Hong fans sprinkled everywhere.Not just characters are repeated, but the very actors who play them.

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It's always a bad idea to put together in one character the roles of a harmless clown and an accomplice in crime.

The film is full of these even-its-goofs-are-hilarious moments.Outwardly could be mistaken for a low-octane parody of a Hong Sang-soo film (the main characters swig hard liquor like whales in both cases: well, this one is called after all, and no, we are not talking about afternoon tea here), but it's far loosely structured and plainly mounted, and its ultimately good-natured, deadpan humor is pretty unique, at least among Korean movies.

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Two very good examples of the contrasts between a good leader and a good role model are the characters Friar Lawrence and the Prince of Verona, in Romeo and Juliet....

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And so sometimes and not always it so happens though a parent tries to inculcate all good habits in his / her child, unfortunately the child might not get it due to a dominant gene which is responsible for transmitting characters.