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There are also notable examples of contrast to the idea that stars exclusively discuss fate and the power of destiny, to where stars are applied to specifically talk about certain relationships between or feelings within the characters, specifically that to do with love between Romeo and Juliet.

This very force, making a dramatic role in Romeo and Juliet, is of course that of Fate itself.

It is also a result of fate that flaws agonize Friar Lawrence's plan which eventually leads to Romeo and Juliet's utmost and dire demise.

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You have considered the actions of Romeo and Juliet themselves, the adults in their lives, and fate or chance.

Which do you think is primarily to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet: the power and intensity of love, the desire to assert their independence, or the inevitability (impossible to avoid or prevent) of fate?
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*How does theme relate to outcome?
*What was Shakespeare trying to tell us?
*What lesson can be learned from the
deaths of Romeo and Juliet?

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Taking into consideration that Romeo and Juliet are predetermined to meet, love and die together, fate is clearly the dominant force for the most part of the play.

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Both of these specific examples as well as the connection of the stars to the power of Fate add even more underlying issues and layers of material beneath and that supplemnet and add thought and content to the main tragic events of Romeo's and Juliet's love and death, and also to show just hwo powerful this newfound love really is.

Fate The inevitability of fate permeates the play

This states that Romeo is willing to go againset the very force of destiny to proclaim his limitless love that he has for Juliet, He is sad over the fact that she is dead and wants to change fate, and even though he can't do that, he still can make a challenge for fate and go agsinst the ill course of action it has in store for the lovers.

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The characters are quite aware of fate, and Romeo and Juliet constantly see omens.
Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet’s love burns so brightly and so intensely that it just consumes them.

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Therefore, Romeo and Juliet are responsible for their own deaths.
Romeo and Juliet’s meeting was fate and both were fated to end their own lives because of circumstances beyond their control; therefore, fate is responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet.
Compose a persuasive essay in which you argue that one of the three causes is the most important.