The Development Of Modern Russia History Essay

10.7 Students analyze the rise of totalitarian governments after World War I.
10.7.1 Understand the causes and consequences of the Russian Revolution, including Lenin’s use of totalitarian means to seize and maintain control (e.g., the Gulag).
10.7.2 Trace Stalin’s rise to power in the Soviet Union and the connection between economic policies, political policies, the absence of a free press, and systematic violations of human rights (e.g., the Terror Famine in Ukraine).
10.7.3 Analyze the rise, aggression, and human costs of totalitarian regimes (Fascist and Communist) in Germany, Italy, and the Soviet Union, noting especially their common and dissimilar traits.

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The guide contains lesson plans which include: African Americans in the Early History of San Francisco, Chinese Immigration and Angel Island-Ellis Island Of the West, Hmong Story Cloths, Japanese Immigration and Cultural Traditions, Sourdough Bread - The Lore of the West, The North Beach Area, Russian Immigration- Yesterday and Today, El Barrio de la Misión.

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Role of Stalin in Russian History Essay ..

Week 3
Geography Application: A New Look for Europe
reading: Dutch Editorial: Treaty of Versailles
Test: WWI
reading: textbook Russian Revolution
Rock, Paper, Scissors/Notes: Marxist Theory
notes/reading: Socialism & Lenin’s April Thesis
Quiz: Russian Revolution