Fish and Wildlife Service 2010).

The reason, they find, is that the climate undergoes swings in temperature that can trap species at different points in their travels.
Confronted with these realities, Early and Sax say wildlife managers may need to entertain the idea of relocating species, an approach that is being hotly debated in conservation circles.

Works Cited Kasnoff, Craig (CKMC): Bagheera, a website for our endangered species.

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10 Endangered Ocean Species and Marine Animals

We can design ecosystems to maintain wildlife, filter water and sequester carbon.

The 2 page, photo-rich PDF of this article is a fascinating look at "rewilding" of an endangered species, based on a "deep-time" perspective in which "native" is regarded as including a plant's presumed preglacial regional distribution.

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Her goal is to save Torreya trees, which only survive in northern Florida in their native range and are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

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"That has a lot of benefits for not only timber, but forest products, wildlife habitat and biodiversity."
Crews will be planting conifer seedlings on 30 sites across northeast Minnesota through the end of the month.

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"I wouldn't like to spin that roulette wheel very many times."
Assisted colonization has already been used for plant species, such as Torreya taxifolia, an endangered conifer native to the Florida panhandle. Conservationists in New Zealand are also weighing the strategy to save the endangered hihi, or stitchbird (Notiomystis cincta), which faces an uncertain future if not moved to cooler climates farther south.