“OH NO!” It was the first day of school.

It’s my first day at my new school and already I’m 5 minutes late, wondering what will the teacher say and, more importantly, what my new class will think of me.

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My first day in school was unforgettable

The reason being, Céline; the queen bee of school who decided on the first day of term that she was going to be best friends with her.

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First days of school for my children are always fantastic. Beth and Jake both meet each first with enthusiasm and smiles. But last year marked Jake moving onto 7th grade, which is located in our high school. Waving to him as he practically ran out of the house that day was exciting, but later that morning, when I walked Beth to the 6th grade first day of school photo shoot, it really hit me. I’m always pleased to see my children move up and on, so I wasn’t expecting to suddenly feel it—an unsavory pang.

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My saving grace was that he would be attending the alternative high school where I worked. On his last “first day,” we entered the building together, his arm casually flung over my shoulder. Unabashed even in the presence of his peers, he was letting me know that it would be okay. And it was. He easily fell into the ranks of the other students, both the under and overachievers, misfits and mavericks, who ultimately became the inspiration for my recently released novel, .

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For over a decade, the first day of school for my sons came and went like the tide, steady and inevitable. There were no false starts, tears or desperate tugs on my pant leg. That was, until 11th grade, when my youngest son announced he intended to graduate a year early (and the tears were mine). No one tells us when we have our children that someday we will have to let them go.

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So what is a day in life of a freshman? I wake up, have fifteen minutes to get ready, then run outside to catch the bus. Sound stressful, huh? It’s not so bad, not really. Once you get to school, the day goes by rapidly. As long as you know your schedule, you’ll be fine. I confess that I was once that confused person who bumped into upperclassmen trying to find her classes. Yes, I was that girl. Once I learned my schedule, everything went by quickly.