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In the and the , Hegel tells many pleasing and provocative parables about the way in which the subject achieves freedom and fulfillment through his Entäusserung — his objectification — in the world of others. The status of these parables — whether they are arguments or allegories, conceptual analyses or psychological generalizations — has always been a matter of dispute. But few psychologists now would dispute the fundamental claim that underpins them, which is that the freedom and fulfillment of the self come about only through the recognition of the other. Without others, my freedom is an empty cipher. And recognition of the other involves taking full responsibility for my own existence as the individual who I am.

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What we are witnessing is a change in the attention that mediates and gives rise to friendship. In the once normal conditions of human contact, people became friends by being in each other’s presence, understanding all the many subtle signals, verbal and bodily, whereby another testifies to his character, emotions, and intentions, and building affection and trust in tandem. Attention was fixed on the other — on his face, words, and gestures. And his nature as an embodied person was the focus of the friendly feelings that he inspired. People building friendship in this way are strongly aware that they appear to the other as the other appears to them. The other’s face is a mirror in which they see their own. Precisely because attention is fixed on the other there is an opportunity for self-knowledge and self-discovery, for that expanding freedom in the presence of the other which is one of the joys of human life. The object of friendly feelings looks back at you, and freely responds to your free activity, amplifying both your awareness and his own. As traditionally conceived, friendship was ruled by the maxim “know thyself.”

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In this study I will focus on the general self-concept and how this relates to an individual’s academic achievement.

My taste for Billy Joel is part musical, part hereditary. My parents were early adopters of The Piano Man, first catching him live in the years between his mid-’70s L.A. washout and his arena-conquering mega stardom in the ’80s. Joel’s music was a constant of my childhood: For years, a Storm Front cassette lived in the tape deck of the family minivan, eventually relieved of its duty when River Of Dreams arrived in 1993. Before I had my own concept of what a rock star was, the cover of helped form one for me: Wayfarers, perma-scowl, enough self-importance that the artist could pose as a member of the most storied franchise in the history of Major League Baseball. When I finally saw Joel play at a baseball stadium in person—last summer at Wrigley Field—it was the fulfillment of a life-long fandom and a genetic imperative.

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The day I identified and understood exactly what my personal fulfillment (s) where, it was then I truly found myself. I’m a student at Diablo Valley College; my goal is to accomplish a college degree in Nursing. Receiving a Nursing degree for me will be by far one of highest achievements and personal fulfillments I will experience in life. My belief is that personal fulfillment is a vehicle to pursuit happiness.

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Maslow said that most people are content with not being able to reach that last part of the hierarchy because the fulfillment of social, physical, and emotional needs keep an individual satisfied, and self-actualization is not necessarily needed for survival....

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Therefore personal fulfillment can exist in several areas of life or in one particular area. I believe personal fulfillment and unhappiness can co-exist in two or more areas of life. It’s certain personal fulfillment can be achieved by every individual, if they are self-conscious to what pleases them. Often personal fulfillment gets mistaken for preferences, which are not one of the same.