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Writer Dorie Clark for Forbes Magazine also supports this claim from an economic perspective, whereas English is seen as the global language of business as well (Clark)....

People are not aware of the price this country pays due to a lack of language professionals.

Until peonies bloom
I shall still wait for my spring to come.
On the day that peonies drop their petals one by one,
I merely languish in sorrow at the loss of spring.
Then one day in May, one sultry day
when the fallen petals have all withered away
and there is no trace of peonies in all the world
my buoyant expectation crumbles in irrepressible sorrow.
Once the peonies have finished blooming, my year is done;
for three hundred and sixty gloomy days I sadly lament.

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The foundation is not necessarily the language a culture speaks, but how a culture thinks.

In the mid-1930s the voices of Nietzsche and Schopenhauer began to beheard through Japanese translations and there came a new reaction, thistime in the direction of "life" (So Chong- ju, Yu Ch'i-hwan).These poets believed that the language of poetry should be the languageof the direct experience of life, expressed in a truly Korean diction inheritedfrom its guardians among the simple rural communities, who had preserveda powerful oral idiom that owed nothing to books and education.

So Chong-ju and a new beginning

One topic that this paper cannot go into is the relationship betweenthe way poetry is received in its moment of origin and how it is perceivedin later translations like those I and others now make into English. Sufficeit to say that virtually all the main stream of poetry in modern SouthKorea derives from the early lyrics of So Chong Ju. There is no way a simpletranslation can begin to suggest the impact of a poem like "Self-portrait"on Korean poetry from the moment of its publication in October 1935:

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The necessity of teaching foreign languages to Young Learners (aged 5-12 years old) has been widely recognized and, as a result, recent years have witnessed an explosion in the number of children learning English as a foreign language as part of their primary education.

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Others say, they love freedom, but I choose to obey.
Not that I do not appreciate freedom, but I long only to obey you.
When I do so, obeying is sweeter than beautiful freedom;
that is my happiness.
But if you order me to obey someone else,
I simply cannot be obedient to you,
For were I to obey him, I could be no longer free to obey you.

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In Korea

The literati of Korea shared the poetic tradition of China completely,and their poems cannot easily be distinguished from those written by Chinesescholars. Out of the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of poems writtenin Chinese characters in Korea over the centuries, Professor Kim Jong-gilhas made English translations of a tiny representative selection in his (Anvil, 1987) and he stresses how the Koreanpoems reflect at times the specific qualities of the Korean landscape,with its vast areas of forested hills, and evoke questions that were issuesin the Korean society of their time. Already at this time, nature was nota self-contained topic but was always associated with the life of society.

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Horwitz and Cope (1986) described foreign language anxiety as a distinct complex phenomenon of self-perceptions, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors related to classroom language learning mainly resulting from the uniqueness of the language learning process....