442 Words Essay on Euclid of Alexandria.

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offers a memory-recharging pictorial review of how the Cleveland landscape has changed over the past 125 years. It provides glimpses of structures now gone, such as Millionaires’ Row, Euclid Beach Park, the market houses, and the Detroit-Superior Bridge subway, to elements that keep renewing themselves, like the Erieview Corridor along East Ninth Street, the lakefront, the old Doan’s Corner’s neighborhood, and its adjoining University Circle. Each section of the book begins with a short historical essay, and all pictures have descriptive captions. The photographs come from the Bruce Young Collection, which forms part of the Cleveland State Library’s Special Collections Department. This soft cover book has 112 pages and contains 142 illustrations.

442 Words Essay on Euclid of Alexandria

To which are annexed a treatise on solid geometry, and a short essay on the ancient geometrical analysis.

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