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I have been home schooled my whole life so i have always had short school days my normal day of school consists of about 4-5 hours of school and if i get done before that time That is set for me to do i will bike around or go running and i don’t think i would get a richer or more deeper experience if i did school for longer

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My school day goes from seven in the morning to two in the afternoon with a fourty-five minute lunch in between and eighty-five minute classes which I take every other day. I think the classes have enough time to cover the material and the fact that we have two afternoons to compete our homework allows us to plan our schedule and have flexibility. I think that the school day is long enough as it is. The classes have more than enough time to lecture and with homework time included, students have just enough time to rest and sleep in the afternoon. If the schedule were to be longer there should be no homework given by teachers.
For example, I know students in Japan are a good example of over-worked teenagers. They have very long school days, they get home and keep working and on weekends they have more educational reinforcements. I don’t see how any of them rest or socialize, they must be exhausted and teenagers need to make bonds with other teenagers in order to behealthy and not stressed.
After-school I use my time for homework, college applications, a year-long project we were given and practicing on my SATs. Just like many seniors, I have a lot of things to juggle before I can finally graduate and there is no time to waste if I want to spend time with my friends on the weekend. I don’t think I waste my time, I consider myself a responsible user of my afternoons and if the school day were to be elongated I would like to use that time doing the somethings I do on my own at home.

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no you are stupid for this artical they should not make more school hours the day for school is long enough. i work after school and have friends to hang out with and homework to do. more people would drop out of school, but if you make the days shorter but creat more vocational clases for students like me that love to do computer tech or construction will have a better future and this would raise the economy; for example the pay the person gets takes out taxes and more money to pay for tech classes and the people would spend thier money which would make a better economic world for america. take this to mind. people sitting in an office all day doesnt keep the world running. people like me do!!!!!

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My school day is usually seven-and-a-half hours a day and on Wednesday and Friday its eight-and-a-half hours a day. I think my school day is just perfect. If the hours were extended we may learn more but it all takes focus. If the kids in the class don’t focus they won’t learn anything. However if they focus as much as they can in a short period of time, then they can learn many things a day. I don’t think it matters if the school day is increased or decreased as long as the students are all focused and on task. After school I usually go on facebook, play golf or teach at my local karate school, and do homework. All I think is that the students need a place where they can focus on what they are doing.

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My school day is about 7 hrs long. I think that any more time in school and all the students would be sleeping in their last class. I know from discussing this topic that students either like their school day hours or think they are too long, not too short. Making the school day longer might be better for their education, however; it would make the school day harder to get through and the students will have to focus on a much higher level. If the school day were to be longer then there would be less time for homework, and after-school activities such as sports and games. The long school hour days would also limit time with friends and family. In my opinion I believe that the longer school days should be optional. Meaning, that if the school offered certain classes you could chose wether or not you would want to go to that class if you needed help or just enjoyed that class.