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How-to tips: (1) Click on "download arrow , (2) open with pdf reader, (3) select topic in left sidebar, (4) use full-screen . Risch, Erna, Supplying Washington's Army, Center of Military History, United States Army, 1981 - 470 pagesSuggested by Jimmy Dick, "The Gunpowder Shortage", Journal of the American Revolution, September 2013. "The Road to Revolution".

Write a short note on The American Revolution

Looks at the problem of selfhood in Emerson's essay and relates that to relevance today, especially in religious belief in our increasingly-secular age.
A short essay, some selections from the essay, and some excellent questions for thinking about Emerson's ideas.
A short introduction to American culture about 1841, looking at Emerson's essay and its relationship to ideas of democracy, culture and the masses.
A Unitarian Universalist minister muses about the position of Emerson in that faith today, where he's often considered a "prophet of religious liberalism." - about the book and its author

- by Bryan Caplan - Kristen Rosenfeld - Piper S.

Write a short note on The American Revolution ..

Long/short term causes - The American Revolution

Though the Revolutionary War lasted only a few short years, the American Revolution was a process that started long before the first shots of war were fired.