Minority grants fall into two distinct categories:

As punitive reforms continue to permeate U.S. education policy, the general attitude seems to be if HBCUs cannot support themselves independently, they should just be eliminated entirely. If they are to survive, the underlying sentiment is to rely on alumni giving to avoid financial disaster.

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Many colleges offer special programs like the opportunity to study abroad or participate in internships to get on-the-job training. Nearly all colleges provide extra academic help or tutoring to students who need it.

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Part memoir, part history and part biography, provides an in-depth look at those persons whose lives and actions helped make Jacksonville and America what it is today.

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I am a full time college student and a natural redhead. I have learned that redheads are becoming rare and that we make up 2% of the population. I am trying to find any scholarship money I can to help pay for my college. Can you please help?!!!

administers college grants for minorities, including:

Testimonies of fifty-two women--northern and southern, young and old, urban and rural, black, white, and Latina--share their courageous personal stories of working for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement.

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Hello my name is Brad Brown and I currently attend Independence University getting my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. This is my story my mother is addicted to drugs my father is in Prison my younger brother is in prison. Last year I was sick and near death so I asked my father in Heaven to heal my body. I am not giving up on myself to achieve my dreams of being successful in life.

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I am from Bangladesh and can speak 3 languages. 2 of them being Bengali and English which are both fluent and the third one being Hindi; which is not fully learned. Took high school Spanish for two years and know a little of that too. Junior in high school and would love to be selected for this minority grant and would help out a lot.

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I am: a 42 year old, full time, engineering major, starting sophomore at Penn State, 3.44 GPA, father of a two year old, a husband, a combat vet, I receive no Vet. benefits (no gi bill, I passed the deadline) The only grant/scholarship I am awarded is a Pell. I have to sell pieces of my home for gas money just to get to my university. Their is nothing offered to me because I am a white male. God Bless America.