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Emperor Mansa Musa #12_44 - Part of Atlas Catalán, showing North Africa with king enthroned and a camel traveler, and southern Spain. Copy; original by Abraham Cresques, c. 1375.
John Webb, The Art Archive AA333782 According to chroniclers, while in Cairo, Mansa Musa introduced so much gold into the economy that its price was devalued in the city for many years. His journey made such a lasting impression that more than 50 years later he was depicted on a Spanish map seated on a throne with a gold orb in one hand and a staff in the other.

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150).Clark stresses that according to the Pauline perspective, reflected most clearly in the so-called household codes, "As long as a certain relationship exists, it needs an order." This is where he finds Paul King Jewett's position so clearly untenable.

Stephen King was determined to make his own mark as a writer

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