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His literary output was more astonishing than his physical size. Chesterton wrote around 100 books, several hundred poems, some 200 short stories, 4,000 essays, and several plays. He was a literary and social critic, historian, playwright, novelist, biographer, Catholic theologian and apologist, debater, and mystery writer. He is probably best known today for mystery stories featuring priest-detective Father Brown, a series shown Saturday evenings on Public Broadcasting System (PBS). He wrote columns for 30 years in an important British newspaper, the Illustrated London News, and in other newspapers. He published G.K.’s Weekly for the last 11 years of his life. He created articles for the Encyclopedia Britannica. He also gave popular weekly radio talks on British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). His mental abilities were legendary: He could write one essay in longhand while at the same time dictating a completely different essay to his secretary.


Description :Stories, Essays and Poems contains a collection of G. K. Chesterton's works. Within is a selection of some of his stories, including "The Blue Cross", "The Secret Garden" and "The Queer Feet". His Ess...

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This next volume in Chesterton's series of collected works contains four of his books and four shorter "English" essays. Three of the books are accounts of his travels, two to Ireland and one to Palestine via Egypt. The fourth book is Chesteron's own effort to explain English history to Englishmen as well as to other interested parties, particularly the Irish. All of these books date from about 1920, except Christendom in Ireland, which concerns the 1932 Dublin Eucharistic Congress, which Chesterton attended.

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Illustrated with Chesterton's own sketches, and including poems written when he was a child, this fascinating collection is an essential addition to any Chestertonian's library. Includes Greybeards at Play and Clerihews. With an index of first lines, titles, and refrains.