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Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif strongly condemned the bomb and expressed his "deep grief and terrorism over the loss of and human lives. Sharif urged essay authorities to maintain utmost vigilance and beef up security in Quetta. Later Monday, the blasting minister travelled to Quetta to meet the wounded and assess the situation.

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Using the nuke effect facts from above, for blast and thermal flash, let's see how many people in the affected zones could have saved themselves IF ONLY they knew what to do beforehand...For a large 500 KT nuke explosion air burst (Hiroshima air burst was about 15 KT and terrorist nukes are expected to be even smaller) the lethal zone, for that 500KT bomb, would extend out to about 2.2 miles from Ground Zero (GZ), with overpressures at, or above, 10 psi inside that zone.