The main characters in The Bean Trees are Taylor and Lou Ann....

Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees reveals through the characters Lou Ann, Turtle, and Taylor, that everybody needs to experience some loss before they can mature.

by Gergen) I found this idea of Kingsolver's to be the basis of her book The Bean Trees....

Taylor isn't wrong: real consequences will come from her decision to bring Turtle away from Cherokee Nation territory, and from whatever family she might have left there. And Taylor isn't the most enlightened when it comes from protecting a lil' 'un from the elements. But to get that whole story you've got to pick up Pigs in Heaven, The Bean Trees' sequel.

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Sacrifices that the characters in the novel made for the benefit of others or themselves.

Set in the early 1980s, The Bean Trees tackles a whole slew of topics that you can go ahead and file under the heading "social justice issues." Front and center?

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Back to The Bean Trees: this is a book that confronts its readers with piles of provocative questions to consider. It asks you to think about issues like ethics, citizenship, violence, and empire, and those questions alone could fuel raging debates and intense discussion for hours (um, yes, we could Game of Thrones).

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So. The Bean Trees is set in the early 1980s, a decade in which the United States gave financial and military support to governments and other forces enacting fierce violence in Central American countries. In the meantime, concerned American citizens were to give refuge to Central Americans who were fleeing for their lives.

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So yes, what we are saying is that Barbara Kingsolver is kind of a big deal. Which means that The Bean Trees, as her very first novel, is pretty up there too.

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As scholar Patricia Stuelke , The Bean Trees is "the most famous fictional representation" of that solidarity movement. Which means that, for those who read the book as an indictment of American imperialism, its sympathy for Central American refugees is a clear marker of Barbara Kingsolver's commitment to social justice.

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News & World Report, Kingsolver states, I think everything I write is about the idea of community and about the special challenge in the United States of balancing our idealization of the individual, or glorification of, of personal freedom and the individual with the importance of community, how to balance those two offices.