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The Farce of Little Tree
Was insightful
The readers were taught with "Little Tree" himself
Forrest learned about love:
That he would never be alone because of it (p.5)
That love and understanding were 2 sides of the same coin (p.38)
learned "the way" and other Cherokee beliefs (p.9)
learned to never let feelings take over sense (p.29)
Sharing makes a good thing multiply (p.57)
Words can mislead, but the intentions behind those words can say what they never could (p.79)
Life is short, but friendship makes it worthwhile (p.151)

But who was Forrest Carter in truth?A WHITE SUPREMACIST

The land was stolen from him, his home; but the Cherokee would not let the wagons steal his soul." (Chapter "To Know the Past")
Carter's words most spoke to the
people who would have most opposed
the political views of his old life.
Asa Earl Carter had an ulterior motive in writing his book, intending to belittle the Cherokee behind a venier of thematic wisdom that promoted love as the key to a fulfilled life, and conflicts between the Cherokee and others.
The themes in the book
are still applicable.

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